Don’t Tell Mom

The cat sits on the sofa and stares out the window at me.  She has a look of confusion on her face, as if she is thinking:  “What is Acorn doing on the balcony in the middle of the night??”

It is 26 degrees outside tonight with a slight breeze.  Normal people crank up the heat and huddle under blankets to stay warm.   Nope.  Not for a girl planning to thru-hike in a hammock.  This is perfect weather to test out gear!  Except wait… I live in a high-rise in Chicago.  I have no trees in the backyard to rope up.
….. not a problem.  I have ear plugs and a clever hammock setup on my balcony.
894590_10101264327938639_1096940620_o (2)-2
Yep, this really happened.
Can I technically call my place a “2 bedroom” now that I’ve slept on the balcony?
The verdict??  The sub-freezing hang experiment worked great.  No butt-frostbite acquired and it was mostly quite cozy. I’m hoping for warmer weather, but it’s good to know that I’ll survive on those sub-freezing nights too.
I’ll probably go back to sleeping in bed for these last few nights.  Ya know… for the cat’s sake.   😉
PS:    5 DAYS!!  *faints*
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7 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Mom

  1. The Christmas lights are a nice touch. Good luck on the hike.

  2. KristalB

    5 days!!! AAaaaaahhhhh!! Can’t wait to cyber hike with you, Acorn. 🙂

  3. Randy (Shady)

    Beautiful! Youngest son used to rappel off the dorm balconies at college! Do what you gotta do to get ready! Shady

  4. That is very cool, did you use an under-quilt? Looking forward to following your AT adventure.

  5. Here is a wonderful hostel on the AT you might be interested in:

    Elmer’s Sunnybank

    Good luck!

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