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Willpower and Cheese

It begins.

2186 miles. People to meet. Mountains to climb. Bears to run from. Blisters to pop. Strange smells to create and questions to answer (like how many burgers can a girl eat in 1 sitting?)
I can’t promise Maine. I won’t promise Harper’s Ferry. I don’t even know if I’ll get out of Georgia. I’m not a Magic 8 Ball. However, I can make 1 promise: I will give this hike my best shot.
White Blazes: Guide me. Show me the path to mighty Katahdin. From henceforth, I am yours.


“Truth be told, you don’t need experience. Or an 18 pound pack. Or a lifecoach. Or a guide, or a slack service. You don’t need training or Patagucci clothing. You don’t need hiking poles, a manager, maildrops, or a smartphone.

Here’s what you need: Willpower.

And cheese. You’ll probably need some cheese.” -Jester

He speaks the truth. Do yourself a favor and forget everything else. Also, do yourself a favor and buy his hiking films: Wizards of the PCT and Embrace the Brutality: A Continental Divide Trail Adventure (Currently in production. Release: Spring 2013).

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