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Bittersweet Goodbye



I’m at work in the lab, and trying to identify a Strep.  As I rotate the card to watch for positive agglutination, my mind wanders.  I think about the last 6 years of my life.  I met Luke when I was still in college and just 21 years old.  We were young, in love, and the world was ours to conquer.  It’s been an incredible 6 years:  vacations to Hawaii, camping adventures in Yellowstone, and completely normal winter days in Minnesota.  I cherish the normal days, coming home from work, cooking dinner, and curling up with Luke and Doodle to watch our favorite TV shows.  My mind wanders to the bad days, the good days, and everything in between.

He will be embarking on his own adventure this summer — he has accepted a position as a doctor in the Peace Corps in Africa.  I wish him all the luck in the world.  Despite this huge knot in my stomach, I couldn’t be more excited for him and his bright future.

I thought this would be easy, but now that it’s finally March, reality is hitting me like a ton of bricks.  I will be leaving to hike the trail, and we will soon be saying “goodbye”.   My eyes start to get watery, until I realize I’m still at work, and strong girls don’t cry at work.

I look back at my card- one of the wells is starting to get chunky.  Positive for Group A Strep.  At least,  I’ve solved one problem for today.  I wish that life could be as easy and well-defined as a lab test.  Positive.  Negative.  Simple.

Four more weeks until the next adventure of my life begins.  It’s tremendously hard to let go of my past, but I’ve fallen in love with someone else- and her name is the Appalachian Trail.  I think of her wild mountains, pony-filled pastures, and the sweet promised land of Maine… and somehow, I know that everything is going to be okay in the end.

Four more weeks, my love.  Four more weeks.

Acorn testing out a trail recipe:
Luke:  What’s that taste like?
Acorn:  Tastes like slop!
Luke:  Just remember this when you’re out there eating slop.  I’m in Africa and probably eating worse slop.

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