10 Days Left!



Holy poop! In just 10 days, I will begin my domination of the Appalachian Trail… or get a blister, hike in the rain, and cry.

Sometimes, I look at this comfy life and wonder: “What the heck? What am I doing?!?”

Sorting through my storage closet last weekend, I stumbled upon my Glacier National Park map. I unfolded it and my finger traced over the elevation waves of the mountains and curves of the lakes.  As my finger lingered over the map, the memories come rushing back – Granite Park Chalet, the toads on the trail during a night-hike, snow-packed Ahern Drift (sucks), the chilly waters of Stony Indian Lake, the long incline to the Ptarmingan Tunnel and that amazingly good pizza waiting at the end.  I remember my smells, bruises, and aches. I crave it again.  Every cell in my body craves it…

I’m doing this because nothing makes me feel more alive than climbing mountains. Heart pounding, feet sore, lungs begging for mercy.  Yes, please.  More.

10 days until my boots taste the Georgia dirt. I’m still in Chicago, but my heart left for Georgia a long time ago.


PS: Everything is falling into place so well. I even met a few other solo females who are starting their hikes on the same day!  Yea!!  I still plan to hike the AT “solo”, but it’s a huge relief to be around fellow crazy mountain girls for the first few days.  I can’t wait to meet you ladies and compare blisters!    ❤

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8 thoughts on “10 Days Left!

  1. You’re awesome Acorn! So much excitement and good energy! The best to you on this epic journey. I won’t be stepping on Georgian soil till April 14, so I’ll be looking for the trail of acorns left behind. I’m a little less than a month off, but feel the excitement you do!

    • It seems really cold out there these days– you’re smart for waiting until mid-April to start your hike.

      Happy Trails.

  2. Randy (Shady)

    Even for a section sojourner, the mind hits the trail long before the feet! Godspeed!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your Blog, and your trail journals.com. I leave out April 13th, but I’m a fast hiker so maybe I’ll see you along the way. This is going to be a great year for hiking, and one for great new life experiences. Best of luck to you.

  4. Way to go Acorn, I love how your getting your mind ready.

  5. Acorn – be glad you waited. Sitting in Hiawassee for four days because forecast calls for both cold and wet for that long. My stuff us equipped for cold or wet. – but not enough clothes to handle both. I’ll take the April showers.

    Gonna go stir crazy, though.

  6. you’ll do great! i thru hiker last year and am excited to follow this year’s crop of hiker blogs. 🙂

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