Pre-Trail Jitters



I fly to Florida today!  


My hostel is booked for a few nights of relaxing in Miami, and then I head into the Big Cypress swamp, with about 10 other thru-hikers.  At least there will be some other nuts on the trail with me.  🙂

This hike will end up being about 1,100 miles, and will hopefully finish in the beginning of March.  At the Northern Terminus, I’ll dance on the beach, and fling my hiking poles into the sea. It will mark the end of a year long 3,000+ mile adventure.


Then what?


There’s a wonderful life waiting for me: a fluffy cat that wants to be loved, a job in a hospital that needs me, and hopefully, AT trail maintenance weekends.



See you on the other side of the swamp!  In the meantime, here are some photos from recent adventures in Lebanon, Greece, and Pennsylvania (sorry, lots of cat pictures!):

DSC04585-2DSC04477 DSC04480 DSC04501 DSC04568DSC04536

DSC04583DSC04245 DSC04258 DSC04267 DSC04279 DSC04286 DSC04299 DSC04348 DSC04350 DSC04362 DSC04374 DSC04394 DSC04396 DSC04404 DSC04414 DSC04418 DSC04428 DSC04439 DSC04440 DSC04444 DSC04471-2 DSC03689 DSC03711-2 DSC03732 DSC03786 DSC03805 DSC03808 DSC03825 DSC03933 DSC03938 DSC03941 DSC04031 DSC04057 DSC04062 DSC04065 DSC04099


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17 thoughts on “Pre-Trail Jitters

  1. Oh, wonderful photos Acorn, and I don’t think there are enough photos of feral kitties! Aren’t the Greek ruins just awe inspiring? What a wonderful trip. Did you run in the Beirut Marathon???

    I know you are going to do just fine on the FT, and I look forward to reading your blogs entries.


  2. Justin

    Woohoo! Looking forward to following along once again. Greece looks amazing.

  3. chris f

    count the armadillos. have a great ,safe adventure.

  4. Cannot wait to see your adventure! Have fun and be safe!

  5. I remember the “pre-trail” jitters; the anxiety really caught me by surprise. You will be in my prayers and I know I’ll enjoy your blog posts. “Happiness is not a state to arrive at but a manner of traveling.”~ Margaret Lee Runbeck. This quote reminds me of you. Happy Trails!

  6. Very exciting, good luck to you.

  7. Angie

    I’ll be following! Best to you! You take wonderful pictures. Looking forward to all your upcoming posts.

  8. Randy (Shady)

    Godspeed to you Acorn on your Florida journey. Looking forward to your entries! Great pics! Shady

  9. Thought that looked like a Philly cheese steak….


    Hey Acorn. So happy to hear you are back. I followed you on the AT and loved every minute of it. I live in Fl. And would love to provide some “trail magic”. I think I am closest to the Green Swamp area. Please shout out what you might like. Stay safe, dry and warm! Deb

  11. I stumbled upon your blog during my recovery from a broken foot and ankle. I have spent the first days of the new year browsing your stories and images, traveling vicariously through them. I happen to be Greek myself, so this post felt especially close to home and nostalgia-inducing. Thank you for keeping me digital company through my recovery and for sharing your adventures with such candor, humor, and honesty — I absolutely love following your journey and look forward to coming back for more!

  12. josiah

    Wow Rayana Again? you must really love the outdoors. It must be fun to travel with 10 ppl for 3 months, like the ‘real world’, you guys could do a reality tv show, make sure u take lots of videos.

  13. Best of Luck! I’ve done some of the trail on the FT. Ocala’s section is amazing. You’re going to have a blast.

  14. Awesome. Can’t wait to see the pic from FL. Have a safe hike.


  15. Deb

    Have a great hike! Been following your blog since the AT! Awesome pictures!

  16. carol Naylor

    Hi Acorn, I followed you through your AT hike and btw thanks for the card! I’m a Fla. girl and love to hike. If you need anything while you are in my state just let me know. You can call my cell 321-946-3056. Carol

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