Erwin, TN to Damascus, VA [467 miles]



After 35 days of hiking and 464 miles, I spot a sign along the trail.

Is this what I think it is?…

I try to restrain myself until I can see the letters carved into the wood.

I stand there in the rain in complete disbelief.

Then, I lose it.

On Sunday, I hiked a marathon day (26 miles) into the longest state of the whole trail. Virginia owns a whopping 544 miles of trail.

Yep, This might take awhile. And I might need some audiobooks and a new pair of shoes.

The stats so far:
States: 4 (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia)
Miles: 467
Showers: 7
Blisters: 4 (healed)
Bears: 0
Nero: 2 (nearly zero milers)
Zero: 3 (zero milers)
Gear updates: 1 (ditched water bladder for bottles)

I have:

-Slept in a barn

-Had mice chew holes in my gear

-Found morel mushrooms

-Watched a hiker cook a pork tenderloin on his first day out of town

-Carried 12 donuts into the woods for other hikers

-Peed standing up and shot snot rockets

-Developed sandpaper skin

-Tried to bathe under waterfalls

-Eaten a sick amount of junk food

-Gotten sick of the people who plan their miles like a military invasion

-Tried a 680 calorie honey bun

-Been a victim of credit card fraud

-Gotten “lost” (the path changes, but nobody bothers to cover up the old blazes. Didn’t really want to bushwhack, but I blindly follow blazes… even if it looks ridiculous.)

-Hiked too many miles in the rain

-Questioned my sanity

-Loved every moment (mostly)

It’s been a little over a month and I am still loving the trail. Although.. It feels like time is flying past and I am just clinging to these moments.

I have met new hikers and said “goodbye” to others.

Time flies. I need to be thankful for my time here. It’s precious.

Laugh more. Worry less. Take more pictures.

PS: Thanks Tina, for the awesome care package! The dried mangoes really helped my morale on a rainy day.

Here are a bunch of random pictures from the last week:
























The AT is moments of fun separated by very long walks.

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7 thoughts on “Erwin, TN to Damascus, VA [467 miles]

  1. James workkman

    keep hiking girl , if yo need supplies just ask, you CAN get a package from us!

    • Thanks!! I’m a thru-hiker, so feel free to send any food to my maildrop locations on my “Wanna Help” page šŸ™‚

      I have the appetite of a pregnant elephant.

  2. Randy Ruble

    Acorn —

    Congrats young lady! You are doing well and looks like you are having lots of fun. Don’t forget to give “Shady” a call when you get near Atkins and I’ll buy you dinner at The Barn restaurant. Godspeed! Randy, aka “Shady”

  3. Chuck McCoy

    Congratulations!! You are making this trip the memory of a life time. Your posts are interesting, clever and most of all fun to read. Thanks too for the great pictures. I envy you, thanks for giving me a way to enjoy the journey with you. I send you merit and all the wishes for a joyful experience all the way to Mt. Katahdin!

  4. David Maltby

    Corncob and I’ll be back on the trail in July, but way behind you. Thank you for forging the way ahead. Your spirit and your photos are beautiful. Wishing for dry cool days for you. Happy Trails.

  5. Acorn! Remember me? I’m the one who consumed a 25 year-old Mountain House scrambled eggs and bacon:-). I started at Springer on April 14 and have been trying to follow your blog when I get reception…which with ATT is mostly never! I made it to Atkins, VA today so should catch you in the next day or two. I’ve been hiking with Pool Cats for the last week. He’s a Kiwi who hikes 25-30 mi/day and often runs with his pack on…even after injurring his feet today! I lost him on my way into Atkins today! Starved! Gotta order me a large pizza! Catch you soon!
    Rock Steady

    • Wow!! You’re fast! Actually, I’m not at Atkins yet. I’m spending a few days on a friend’s farm. I’ll be in Atkins hopefully tomorrow šŸ™‚

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