Monson, ME to Mount Katahdin, ME [2185.9 miles]



I’m in the 100 mile wilderness. I have been hiking for 6 months and I’m a mere 4 days away from Katahdin. I feel the magnetic pull of the end. I must admit, my body is ready to finish.

But, there’s also a part of me that still likes to linger. I pause at the top of White Cap mountain to fly my kite on a windy day. Windy mountain tops are apparently my biggest weakness.

I fly my kite for a long time. It finally gets tangled in the trees, and it’s time to go.

I pack up my kite, and head back to the trail. 5 minutes later, I catch my first view of Katahdin. I text him with the exciting news:


I’ll have this moment forever.

I look back at Katahdin, the mountain I’ve been walking to for 6 months. She is the reason I walk in the rain, the reason I’ve put everything else on hold, the reason I quit my job, the reason I’ve hiked with blisters and in the dark.

She lays in front of me, with a flat 70 miles between us.


I feel tears sliding down my cheeks.

She’s beautiful.

As I walk north, I think of his words. Nothing seems to last forever. Power, love, money. They are all such fleeting things. But, I will always have this experience. I will always have these memories.

Four days later, I wasn’t just catching a glimpse of Katahdin. I was at the base of the mountain, ready to close this chapter of my life.

I submitted Katahdin on Sunday, October 6th.



I am now an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker.

And I will be one, forever.

Thank you.

For believing in me before I ever dared to believe in myself.

It’s been a wonderful journey.


































































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41 thoughts on “Monson, ME to Mount Katahdin, ME [2185.9 miles]

  1. Karen

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure.

  2. Josiah

    Awesome to the very last sec!! Wishing you the best recovery and prosperous journeys till we meet again, love ya always

  3. Congratulations to you! Great inspiration for so many of us. Great writing too!

  4. Mark C

    Wow! My wife and I have enjoyed following your blog immensely. And even though we’ve never met, I can’t help but feel proud of you for completing your journey – the little acorn that could ;). Your pictures and story are amazing. Thanks for sharing this incredible adventure with us & congrats!

  5. Bazinga

    Congratulations! I loved all your pictures.

  6. Chuck McCoy

    A hearty congratulations I knew you would do it. Thank you for including me in your adventure. Your logs and especially your pictures were wonderful. I envy you strength and courage. Go and concour the rest of your life!

  7. OMG!!! I’m so so excited for you πŸ˜€ I felt quite emotional reading the ending of this blog post. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  8. Congratulation! AT Thruhiker. Quite a journey, I could tell from the beginning of your trek that you had it in your heart of hearts to complete the trail as a thruhiker. You can just tell who have the fire in their belly. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. carol Naylor

    Congratulations and Thank You. We are so proud of you and appreciate letting us share your journey. It’s been fun, exciting and even scary waiting for you to post your updates. You are an inspiration and I hope one day to follow in your footsteps. Acornhikes the whole A.T. whoo hoo!

  10. Marc

    Congrats Acorn!!!! It was a great six months for me reading your blog and following your journey so I can’t even imagine how you must have felt climbing Kathadin and reaching the final sign. You should be extremely proud of this accomplishment and you’ve definitely inspired me to keep on hiking.

  11. David Maltby

    Congratulations Acorn! Of all the hikers I meet back in North Carolina in April, you are the one that made it. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, and for doing it so beautifully too. I have a few tears now too. Many happy trails.

  12. Bill

    Acorn. You are awesome. Been following you all summer. You did it and we enjoyed all your posts

  13. Bern & Beth Briden

    Well done

  14. Wow – congrats to you, Acorn! This was a huge accomplishment – it was great fun to follow your blog as you made your way north. I’m really impressed with your photography skills – you have a great eye for composition. Hats off to you!

  15. Great job! Great determination! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  16. Scott

    Acorn, I enjoyed your blog so much, thank you for sharing your adventure. Your Katahdin photo was classic. Great finish.

  17. Wow- Congratulations!!! I loved following your journey along the AT! Thanks for sharing the awesome stories and pictures!

  18. Acorn, I am giddy with excitement for you. This is such a monumental accomplishment, and you are totally correct when you say you will always have this to remember. When I saw the photo of you SITTING on the Summit Sign flying your kite, I could not keep from crying. I think you have managed to maintain a level of emotional connection with the Trail that, unlike many others, has made it possible for you to continue to love the experience (while certainly despising some of the circumstances…). And for me at least (I think because I also carry a very small kite), that the kite is a symbol of your ability to separate the experience from the meaning of a thru-hike. Kudos for that!.

    I have been waiting for this entry with bated breath! I’ve been checking on YouTube for summit videos just to see if you had made it yet. I am relieved that you have made it to the summit safely, and I look forward to hearing through Hikers2013 some of the stories you will have to share. Again, I am so proud of you, and I love your style. With you, the Force is strong!


  19. Justin

    Congratulations Acorn! Been following from the start, and thoroughly enjoyed your journey. I will join the club soon!

  20. Way to go, Acorn!!! Now what????

  21. A Big Congrats!!
    Enjoyed following your blog!

  22. james workman

    it has been a journey with you and so long since we met at trail majic 13 miles north of Springer

  23. “Concealed in every new situation we face is a spiritual lesson to be learned and a spiritual blessing for us if we learn that lesson. It is good to be tested. We grow and learn through passing tests. I look upon all my tests as good experiences…There is nothing that happens by chance in our universe. Everything unfolds according to higher laws–everything is regulated by divine order…Think of how free I am. If I want to travel, I just stand up and walk away.” Peace Pilgrim (a woman who began walking in 1953 and walked around the U.S. for the next 28 years). Thank you, Acorn, for keeping a beautiful journal of your adventure. You are a great writer and a very creative photographer and a beautiful young woman with a strong spirit. Goethe, the philosopher, said “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” You dreamed about Katahdin, you began the journey. You were bold and smart and powerful and you experienced the magic of the journey. I know your future will be bright and blessed. It was a privilege to meet you at the shelter in the Smoky Mountains.

  24. Hey Acorn, I’ve been following your hike since before you stepped foot on the AT. From a section hiker (just finished the Smokies with my son in August) who one day dreams of completing a thru hike, my heartfelt congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience. — No Poles

  25. Randy Ruble

    Congrats to you, Acorn! There was no doubt in my mind you would make it. Having done most of Maine, including the Big K, in June (summited July 3), I really appreciate your pictures. Wasn’t White House Landing a beautiful spot! I’ve also enjoyed your writing and only regret we did not get to meet while you were staying at A.R.E Campground in May. Maybe we can catch up at next years Trail Days in Damascus. Again, congrats and Godspeed on your journey of life!

    Randy, aka “Shady”

  26. Michael Signore

    Congrats Acorn. Thanks for the memories. DeerPath

  27. Congratulations……….Thank you for letting me follow your adventure.

  28. Its been awesome following you during this adventure and so excited that you took us along for the trip. Congratulations on being a thru-hiker and more importantly an inspiring soul.

  29. Kelsie

    You did it! I’ve enjoyed following your journey. Thank you for sharing. Congrats Acorn!

  30. You are AMAZING and are my hero of the AT this year for sure! it’s been a blast following you this year. I dream of doing this one day πŸ™‚

  31. Congrats to you! Like others who have posted, I have followed quietly for quite some time. I knew you had the gumption to finish. Thanks for posting you journey to allow us to share in it.

  32. I loved following along on your journey. I hope to hike the Appalachian Trail some day and all of your pictures just made me more excited! Congratulations!!

  33. Aysha

    You are awesome! I loved reading your blog and seeing your pics. You will have this forever.

  34. Charlotte

    I’m nearly in tears as I read this post. I have so enjoyed reading on as you conquer your Mighty Mt. Katahdin! Thank you for taking us all with you on your journey. Wishing you well in all you do!

  35. Congratulations, Acorn! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!

  36. Bekeeper

    Congratulations Acorn! How does it feel to be home now?

  37. StrayNoMore

    Congratulations and Thank You for documenting your journey. I have enjoyed your adventure!

  38. Congrats on completing your hike, and welcome to one of the greatest communities ever. A.T. thru hikers have a very strong bond. It was an absolute pleasure following you on this amazing journey. Best to you in your future endeavors. -Enjoy.

    Lunatic GA-ME 2009.

  39. Wolfgang

    A young woman from a big city dreamed of an adventure in nature. She started the dream into reality to implement. At the paths she had to meet many challenges. She lived the dream until the end now it’s come true. She is AT thru hiker. Full of respect for your performance I would like congratulate. I loved following along on your dream / blog from the beginning. Not only the awesome images also reading your impressed story touched me deep in my soul. Thanks a lot for sharing your dream. Hope the dreams which grown along your journey also will come true.

  40. Bill

    Congratulations little girl with a big pack. Even bigger inspiration for others you will likely never know. Well done lady.

  41. Rey Lopez

    Congratulations, you are such of great inspiration. I always looked forward to your next post, It was like an addiction. Thanks for sharing such of beautiful places with us. Looking forward to your next adventure!


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