Stratton, ME to Monson, ME [2071 miles]



The forecast for the Bigelows called for sunshine and warm weather. I left Stratton with a tiny kite, and a pair of sunglasses.

Nice try, Acorn.

It wasn’t sunny.

Instead, the Bigelows looked like this:




And why, after 2000 miles, do I still trust the weather forecast?

I admit, sometimes, I feel powerful. And sometimes, I feel so fragile. Sometimes, I’m just a girl on a mountain trying to make it to the other side.

News on the trail travels surprisingly quickly. A hiker left camp at 4am and texted back a photo of the wintery scene. We passed the phone around at the shelter.

Then, it started to sleet.

We stayed in our sleeping bags until noon.

For the first time of my hike, I looked up at a mountain, saw clouds, and considered “skipping ahead.” But ultimately, I want to finish my hike at Katahdin. More that anything, I want to look back at a line of continuous footsteps that lead all the way to Georgia.

I finally got out of my sleeping bag at noon. The sleet had stopped, and it was either spend all day in a freezing shelter or cross the mountains now and camp at a lower elevation that night.

Another hiker said: “Well, this is a lose-lose situation.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Luckily, these were my last 4000 foot mountains until the end. I am now in much lower elevation and enjoying the “flat” part of Maine.

I am about to enter the 100-mile wilderness. The next time I update, I’ll be an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker (fingers crossed!). And I’ll probably be writing my next blog entry from a bubble bath.

In a week, I will be at Katahdin.

And when I get there, I’m waiting for the sun.

I have a kite to fly.

I no longer count the states or miles left. Now, I’m just counting down the days.



















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10 thoughts on “Stratton, ME to Monson, ME [2071 miles]

  1. Hey Acorn, what’s up? You didn’t stamp your shelter register entry? Did you finally lose it?
    I loved to see you flying your kite. I always carry a very small box kite with carbon fiber stays. For kite string I carry 20 pound braided Spectra fishing line. The whole thing only weighs 17 grams and I think the tail is about half of that.
    What is this crap about you just being a girl who wants to get over a mountain??? Instead of pointing the mirror at the camera, it’s about time you point it at you; there you will see a mountain woman, a very competent, incredibly strong thru-hiker and conqueror of the oldest mountain chain in North America. I think you lost the ability to call yourself “just a girl” about 1,900 miles ago. We are ALL looking UP to you Acorn. I’m sure I speak for many Summit Sisters when I say I wish I could summit Katahdin with you. Know that we are all there with you if only in spirit.
    Be well, hike safe, celebrate with fervor, and send pictures!!


  2. Bekeeper

    Hi Acorn, been following your every step through your journals, you’re an inspiration to myself, Bekeeper, and my Sis, Wind Walker. We heard the General Store in Monson is shut down let us all know what you find. Happy Trails, on this, the next to last leg of the journey. You’re an Awesome Mountain Woman!! We’re all rooting for U!
    Bekeeper (future class of 2015)

  3. Chuck McCoy

    Way to go Acorn, no doubt you will be making Katahdin yours in a week. Wishing you all the best through the 100 mile wilderness, looking forward your victory post in about a week. You are awesome!

  4. Steve

    Congatulations Acorn! Well done! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It has been fun following your posts. Truly an inspiration to all. Best of luck in your next adventure!

  5. Good luck in the final leg of you journey. You ate kicking ASS….

  6. Rhett

    Way 2 Go! What an adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Nick

    Good luck for the final 100 miles. I’ve only just found your blog and I read the whole thing in 1 sitting. You’re a true inspiration to hikers everywhere. You make me want to get out there and give the AT a go myself but I doubt I could do it with half hte style you have.

  8. I was certain you would make it to the end. I’m proud to have been able to peek into your log and enjoy it with you.

  9. Sweet Acorn — you are so close and I’m really happy for you. I’ll never forget the morning in the Smoky Mountains when I came out of the shelter and you greeted me by saying “Good Morning, PrayerWalker.” I was stunned that you knew me – somehow – and then you said you’d read my journal. I remember thinking you were such a tiny, young woman. You may be tiny and young but you are STRONG! I’ve loved following your journey and have been praying everyday for you. Yes ! Wait for a beautiful day to summit.

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