North Adams, MA to Hanover, NH [1743 miles]


Here is a page from my journal last week:


The next day, I ran into a friend who is hiking the trail from Maine to Georgia. We hung out at a shelter for a few hours. At one point, he pulled a small rock out of his pack and handed it to me to hold.

It was a rock from Katahdin.


I felt the magnetic pull.

And it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I desperately needed a tiny glimpse of the end.

It’s real. I might not get there tomorrow. I won’t get there next week. But I’ll get there.

I have the gypsy blood- the wild yearnings to see new horizons everyday– but lately– I crave a home that is more permanent than my tent. I find myself wanting more than white blazes. (Just wait, Acorn. Just wait.)

A wise man recently told me this:
The hardest thing about the trail isn’t the rocks or terrain or elevation changes. The hardest part about the trail is staying on the trail.

I couldn’t agree more.

Vermont has been incredible! It has been a land of wonderful trail angels and beautiful mountains. Vermont has easily been my favorite state on the trail so far. It’s so beautiful, that I keep daydreaming about cabins. In fact, I might even move here when I am ready to settle down again.

Today, I entered New Hampshire! 12 states complete! Only 2 states left!!
I have less than 450 miles to go until Katahdin. It is time to slow down. Tomorrow, I will lay in the grass in Hanover and work on my tan.

It’s not over. I’ll keep walking to Katahdin. And yes, I’ll keep dreaming about my quiet Vermont cabin too.

Watch me dream about it all.











































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8 thoughts on “North Adams, MA to Hanover, NH [1743 miles]

  1. Angie

    Your almost there! Wow! What an amazing feat! You WILL have all your dreams. God Bless You on your journey.

  2. Acorn, congratulations on making it to New Hampshire! You are about to experience the best two states of the entire Appalachian Tr in my opinion. Funny you liked Vermont the most. It was high on my list due to really poor trail conditions (mud mostly), and endless green forest with few views. You are in for a treat when you climb Moosilauke, and are following those pyramid cairns atop solid rock, alpine ridges. Franconia Ridge and the Presidentials…epic. It is fun to see your photos and relive my hike, which ended on Katahdin August 1. I took a photo of the same blue dragon fly on a rock, while climbing my last few miles of trail to the summit. You would never forgive yourself if you departed the AT now! You are so close, with amazing scenery ahead. The final ascent of Katahdin itself is epic! Happy Trails- Rock Steady. Follow the Foliation in the Appalachian

  3. Chuck McCoy

    Acorn, you are an amazing woman, an amazing person i feel very privileged to follow you on the adventure of a lifetime. I myself will never be able to do a through hike of the AT, but doing it vicariously through your eyes is indeed very special. Your courage, strength of character, and determination will see you through to Mt. Katahdin, and I will get to see that through you, Thank you!

  4. Jim Henegar

    Oh the things you have seen 🙂 Just can’t say how well you have done and are doing. You got this kiddo

  5. You will never regret holding out for Maine – It is wild beauty!

  6. Acorn, I am so happy for you. You continue to tack up the miles as you head North while dealing with the mental and physical challenges (neither a piece of cake). Wow – you definitely needed new shoes – just think of all the miles that wore down and out those you replaced… Praying every day for you. P.S. Love the eatable acorns in the pic. In fact, I enjoy all your pics !

  7. David Maltby

    Hello Acorn, I am so glad that included a photo of the tower on Mt Graylock. This is the one part of the AT that I have been on north of NC. I am sad to hear that you might come back to live in VT after finishing the the AT. I was hoping that you would start attending the University of Florida to get your PhD in Micro, meet my son who is there in Pharmacy school, fall in love, become my daughter-in-law, and then the two of your could take me on your long hikes in Grand Canyon, PacCoast, Rockies, Mt Rainier, and Switzerland till I am too old to go. (Not that I have thought about this a lot.) You are pretty wonderful and whoever you fall in love with will be blessed. Onward and upward. The trail provides.

  8. Dear Acorn,
    Hello! I love reading your blog posts, and looking at your pictures, which are really amazing! My dream is to hike the Appalachian Trail, and your blog is really inspiring!
    Keep on! Courage!

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