Salisbury, CT to North Adams, MA [1589 miles]



I follow the path to the pond.

I take one look at the dock and know that it’s finally time. It’s been 1550 miles, and I’ve finally found the place.

Upper Goose Pond Cabin.

Its time for my first zero (no hiking day) on the trail.


It gets better!

There is a rumor that you can borrow a canoe and get pizza! I share the legend of the canoe trip pizza with some south-bounders at dinner. They all stay for a zero as well. Canoe pizza adventure? It’s on!!

The next day, we slip into life jackets and paddle west. A couple hours later, we return to the cabin with 3 pizzas and giant smiles.

I spend the rest of the day laying on the dock, swimming, and watching my fellow hikers catch fish. I don’t even worry about the miles anymore. It’s a wonderful feeling… I know that I’ll make it to Katahdin before the snow. I have time to relax.

Upper Goose Pond Cabin is one special place. Massachusetts has been a very healing state. Easy terrain, cool weather, and quiet cabins on ponds.

Everyday, I think to myself:
“This is the best day on the trail.”

I’ve realized that 10% of life is what happens to you. The other 90% is your reaction to it– your attitude. Honestly, this trail isn’t always fun.

Yesterday, I played a game with myself:
-1 point for every mosquito killed
-2 points if it creates a blood splat
-3 points if the blood splat is more than 1 inch

The trail has taught me to find joy in everything. It has taught me that discomfort is temporary.

She has taught me how to dance in the rain.

I gotta run. It’s cold and rainy, but I’ll be hitting the Vermont border crossing in a few hours (hopefully)…

I can’t wait to see what Vermont has to teach me. And who knows.. It might feel like home.






































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12 thoughts on “Salisbury, CT to North Adams, MA [1589 miles]

  1. hendersoncandy

    love your blog.And the pictures are great.

  2. Love, love, love your attitude ! “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving…it is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ~ Aaron Siskind I continue to lift you up in prayer each day. Happy Trails, Acorn.

  3. Kelsie

    Love the lessons of the trail. Loving your pictures and words too.

  4. Acorn, the only possible explanation for your taking your FIRST zero in Massachusetts is your indomitable spirit. By the first 1500 miles, most successful thru-hikers have taken 8, 10, even 12. I only wish I could bottle some of your drive, and carry it with me next year…
    Your photos are just wonderful, not only in the way they take me to the spot where it was taken, but also in the way I feel I am sharing being there with you. You are one multi-talented woman!!

  5. David Maltby

    Thank you for your faithful blog. They seem to come so quickly now and you are covering so much distance each time. I am so glad that your heel did not become a permanent problem. I visit Pittsfield, MA for work and so hike Mt Greylock on one summer trip. At my rate of NOBO section hiking the AT, I should be back there in 2023. I hope the pizza place stays open late. Thanks again. I can not help feel proud of you. Happy Trails. The trail provides.

  6. Marc

    Hey Acorn – I went hiking a couple weeks back around Upper Goose Pond. Indeed a beautiful and very relaxing area and I killed many mosquitos as well. Keep on going!!!

  7. Love the the quote 10% of life is what happens to you, the other 90% is you reaction to it. Mind if I steal it. It fit me to a T… Thank You

  8. Becky

    letter for you in Hanover. no room for cheese in the envelope…:(
    cheese will be waiting for you in Gorahm—don’t know how to spell anymore!!! love from the beckster

  9. You’re probably getting tired of reading this but we LOVE your blog. Love your attitude and love your pics. We really appreciate your bringing us along. Keep on truckin’.
    Hopeful class of 2014

  10. Marly

    I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to read your blog and look at your beautiful photographs. I am planning a through hike for next spring and your words are such an inspiration! You have made it so far with an amazing outlook towards life on the trail and with such perseverance that I admire. Treasure all of your up and coming adventures and you keep doing what you do best!

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