Harper’s Ferry, WV to Duncannon, PA [1142 miles]



“Hey guys!”

I’ve come across 2 other hikers and their dog standing in a clearing on the side of the trail. They are getting ready to record a video and seem emotional and teary.

“Hey Acorn. Welcome to the halfway point!”

“What? Where??”

My eyes scan my surroundings for the flags and halfway sign. I see nothing, but a pile of rocks on the ground that says…

Oh god..

This is it.


I sit down on a log and extract my guidebook from the dark depths of my pack. Of course, the rocks are right. This is the spot. I can finally start the countdown.

The other hikers film an emotional video and I’m soon alone with the rocks. I crawl into the circle and enjoy a quiet moment alone.

It’s funny when a pile of rocks on the woods means the world to you.

I don’t know how to feel. Yes, I am proud of my accomplishments to date. But a small part of me is sad. I am heartbroken that my adventure is half over already. I am currently hiking with someone who has already hiked this half of the trail. I understand why he came back this year.

The AT ruins you.

The sky rumbles and dark clouds threatens rain. Gotta stop being sad, and keep hiking.

I am so happy to be back on the AT after my trip to Chicago.

Pennsylvania is hard, hot, and rocky. But it’s worth it!

Sorry for the quick update. I’m sitting on the balcony of the Doyle right now and gotta hit the trail before I melt.

Lots of love!

Hope the pictures work, I have a bad 3G connection right now 😦




























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9 thoughts on “Harper’s Ferry, WV to Duncannon, PA [1142 miles]

  1. Mark C


    Curious why the switch to a tent?

    • Felt trapped in my hammock. 😦

      • Mark C

        Too bad. If you ever decide to hang again, get a bigger hammock something like a Blackbird. I found the HH too small for me but the BB is HUGE in comparison.

        Love the blog – keep on truckin’!!

  2. Jill Wood

    Great pics, keep up the good work. It’s uplifting just reading your posts.

  3. jack/snorz

    It is great following along with you! Hope goes well!

  4. Hey Acorn: You look and sound great. So happy you made it back to the trail after your trip to Chicago. In March I hiked with Dreamer, Socks and Charlie; what a great couple. Love the creativity of your pics. Happy Trails.

  5. Marc

    Hey Acorn – I live in Cumberland Valley so it’s great to see your pics of very familiar places to me. Do you find PA very rocky compared to other parts of the trail? Keep going!

  6. Scott.L

    Been following your progress…. Love the blog… Keep it up!

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