Daleville, VA to Waynesboro, VA [853 miles]


There’s a shelter on the trail called The Priest Shelter.

The log at this shelter has become a popular place for hikers to leave confessions. Most confessions are silly, such as “I don’t wash my pot out.” Yet, other hikers pour their souls out between those pages. I spent a long time reading the confessions and then left my own:


I started to touch on a recent fear in my last confession.

I have known many blessings in my 28 years, yet have found no joy greater than that of a constantly changing horizon. This lifestyle has me constantly dreaming of ways to downsize my 17 pound pack. What can I do without? Every town stop has left me with fewer possessions.

Today, a hiker gave me the ultimate compliment: “Acorn, your pack is so small.”


In a few weeks, I head back to Chicago to pack up my apartment, and (hopefully!!) sell a lot of my belongings.

I confess.

I’m really, really scared.

The things that I worked so hard for hardly mean anything to me anymore. Why do I need all these things? For the past 2 months, everything I’ve needed, I have carried on my back.

Why does anyone need 15 spoons anyway?

PS. Virginia is stunningly beautiful. It’s been a very healing week for me.

PPS. In a few hours, I will walk into Shenandoah National Park. It will be a rainy week.. But I finally caught up to my hiker bubble last night!

Misery is best with good friends. I’m glad we are all together again.

















My next update will be from 1000 miles / Harper’s Ferry!! Whew!

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9 thoughts on “Daleville, VA to Waynesboro, VA [853 miles]

  1. Acorn, that wash water is almost clear… You just aren’t getting dirty enough! Oh and I love the photo of the Ladybug, your camera does a great job in macro. And just to let you in on a secret, I would have eaten that M&M in a flash and never thought about it.
    I hope you are able to do what needs to be done in Chicago without too much trauma, and get back on the Trail comfortably. Thanks so much for the updates and the wonderful photos. You seem to be moving with such ease and confidence. I hope to see you out there on my SoBo.

  2. chris

    you seem to have had an epiphany. the rest of your trip will have more clarity. enjoy it all. keep us in the loop. believe.

  3. Great to see you’re out there having fun, keep it up!

  4. Marc

    Keep on going Acorn! I look forward to seeing the amazing pictures you snap.

  5. kid, you’re doing good. seems like no more tears. you have the psyche to finish, You are a true AT hiker. I hope for you the trek is everything that you hoped it would be.

  6. Charlotte

    Your posts are simplistic and honest and so real. I always look forward to the next. Keep enjoying your minutes!

  7. Acorn, I think of you often and pray for you everyday. When you greeted me at a shelter in the Smokys by my trail name I was so surprised. I am really enjoying your blog. You are creative and so original–photos are beautiful and your writing is uplifting. I hope your time in Chicago goes smoothly and the AT greets you with open arms when you return.

  8. Lucie


    I heard you ran into Mr. Bojangles last night! He just passed along your get well wishes. Thanks so much! (I need ’em!) You are flying, but I hope to run into out there one day!

    -Lucie (“Oxy”)

    • Haha! Yep– we found a cabin and he tried to kill us all with a smoky fire.

      Hope you are starting to feel better!

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