Pearisburg, VA to Daleville,VA [719 miles]



I’m covered in sweat.

The trail keeps going up.

Up up up.

My pack digs into my shoulders.

I see the sky filtering between the trees.

I’m getting closer.

I hear laughter.


And then suddenly… a clearing.. and there she is… as beautiful as I have always imagined. I look around and see hiker friends– some old and some new.

I know that everything is going to be okay. I am finally here.

McAfee Knob, Virginia

Mile 707


I linger at the summit and watch the sunset with the other hikers. It is so beautiful, that I ignore the “no camping” rule and gently rope up 2 trees for my hammock.


Illegal hammock hanging. I know. I feel bad. Really, I do.

Wait. No, I don’t.

At midnight, I awaken to headlamps as 3 more hikers arrive to camp here. Guess I wasn’t the only one with this great idea.

We all wake up at 6 am and watch the sunrise.

It lights up the sky.



Virginia hasn’t been boring.

Virginia hasn’t been a long green tunnel.

Virginia hasn’t been easy.

Why so many rocks???

I am now 1/3 complete with the Appalachian Trail. I can’t believe it!


PS: I peed off a cliff. Mom, aren’t you proud? (sorry, your daughter is nuts)

This entry is a little late. I’m actually at mile 800 right now. Sorry, I got sidetracked with walking.










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9 thoughts on “Pearisburg, VA to Daleville,VA [719 miles]

  1. M b

    If u think the rocks in va are bad wait till pa. Good luck I enjoy your posts.

  2. Congrats!! What a wonderful trail moment!

  3. Oh Acorn, I love love LOVE the photo of you on the “edge”… It just seems to be expressing such a sense of abandon, such JOY. I am so happy that your are making wonderful progress. At the rate you are going, I’ll be lucky to be in the Whites by the time we pass each other. Take care

  4. Acorn, I agree with your assessment of VA! You’ll discover the true meaning of rocky when you hike the 13-mi “roller coaster” starting at 989.1. Brutal!!! I’ll be in Harper’s Ferry by tomorrow. Hurry up and I’ll buy you a beer. Be sure to hit the Skyland Restaurant and Big Meadow wayside for blackberry cobbler and icecream when you stroll through Shensndoah!

  5. James workkman

    never get tired of your posts lol!! hike on girl! let us know if you need a mail drop james

  6. Josiah

    Awesomeness is Rayana middle name 😉 1/3 the way there!!! Woohoo!!!

  7. Laura

    Great pictures!! Love the joy of your hike. I am sitting in a classroom watching my students slog through their state mandated testing and your pictures have given my heart a chance to fly above it all. I have 32 days till I start in Springer (teachers have to break it up in the summer) and your blog inspires me everyday. Just keep swimming. 🙂

    Laura L

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