I hear screaming and quickly realize this isn’t normal.

I am near the end of the hiker parade at Trail Days and am armed with a tiny squirt gun, face paint, and a big smile. Seconds before, I was laughing and in a water gun fight with an 8 year old boy, who was waiting on the sidewalk.

The screams are chilling. I spin around in time to see a dented old Cadillac plowing through the hikers. I’m confused.. Is this a joke? Hikers hit the car and are tossed aside. It keeps coming. I leap out of the way and stand paralyzed on the side of the road. The car stops a few yards away and I watch as hikers lift the car up to free a trapped hiker.

Paramedics are already attending to the injured within seconds of the accident. Thank goodness.

I rush into my friend’s arms. Keep me safe. Don’t let go. Life is so fragile.

I am back on the trail already. Today, I glanced at the faded Trail Days bracelet on my wrist. And I thanked the universe that I wasn’t also wearing a hospital ID band as well.


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11 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. David Maltby

    I thought about you when I heard about this a couple of days ago. I am so glad to hear that you are not hurt, and that the accident was not worse than it was.

  2. barbara ludack

    how scarry

  3. Randy Ruble

    Acorn — relieved to hear you are okay — continuing prayers for all those affected and trust your journey will not be so eventful, at least not in that way! I am sure you are well beyond Atkins where I hoped to meet you and buy you a meal at The Barn, but the good news is you and most of the hikers are well. Trust you also had a great time at the A.R.E. Camp! There are two hikers at the hostel in Rural Retreat tonight and I’ll get them back to the trail in the morning. Godspeed, Acorn, to you and the rest of the hiker family! Looking forward to your future blog entries! Shady

    • I was in Atkins twice and the barn was closed both times (wed at 8pm and sun at 3pm)

      It’s like the universe didn’t want me to eat the 16oz hiker burger!

      Take care

  4. Rayanna, so glad to hear you’re alright. I checked your facebook page multiple times, hoping to hear you were safe.

  5. Glad you are safe and having a good hike. Keep on walking!

  6. James workkman

    Our prayers are with the hikers, glad YOUR safe! hike on!

  7. jack/snorz

    Glad to see you are OK!

  8. Laura

    So glad you are okay. Though we have never met I have grown accustomed to your blog, and I was very worried. Glad you are safe. Lifting a car off a hiker is a new addition to the term “Hiker Strong”. The gratitude list grows everyday.

  9. OMG ;-( So happy you’re ok. Stay on the AT where it’s nice and safe. Love the picture and the title. It is so spiritual. Remind me to tell you of a dream i had that helped me appreciate how blessed life is and to treasure every moment. ❤ ya!

  10. It was my friend, Rainbow Brite, who was run over and lay underneath the car that day. I was at the other end of the main high street and ran that entire length when I heard it was her.

    She managed to come out of it with a relatively unscathed broken toe. So lucky.


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