Springer Mountain to Hiawassee, GA [70 miles]


trail1I marvel at the stars and feel my heart overflow


I’m curled up under a blanket on the sofa of my shared hotel room. My roomie is snoring softly in bed and wet gear is littered all over.

I am showered and fresh. This is strange to feel so clean again.

I don’t like it.

Oh, What? You wanted to hear details about my hike?? Ok fine. Some thoughts about the last 78 miles of my AT adventure:

Georgia has shown me everything.
Sunshine and rain.
Beauty and pain.

Yes. It is hard. You’re climbing up and down mountains all day. Wanna know where you are hiking next? Find the tallest mountain on the horizon. You’re going to be panting and cursing pretty soon. (But, you’ll secretly love it!)

Today, I shook ice off my tarp, hiked 11 miles in the windy sleet, fell in the mud, and somehow managed to start my period. Just my body’s way of staging a revolt. “Oh?? You’re going to make me carry a pack over mountains? Fine. I’ll start bleeding.”

There are moments that completely suck. They are the moments you start singing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus at the top of your lungs. The moments you try to appreciate the sound of ice bouncing off your rain jacket or the squish squish of mud under your boots.

I am trying… so hard… to find beauty in the misery.

There is beauty in everything.

From spotting the first flower of spring, to hiking alone on a sunny day, to rushing off a mountain in a fury of ice.

I feel alive.

I have hiked 78 miles so far and have pushed into 15 mile days. Physically, I feel great, but tomorrow, I am taking a “zero” at the Blueberry Patch Hostel.

They have goats to pet. I think I deserve it. And maybe round 2 of dinner buffet.













April fool’s care package done right. Thanks Jester!!20130404-222737.jpg


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11 thoughts on “Springer Mountain to Hiawassee, GA [70 miles]


    its great you are doing it for all of us who are sitting inside listening to the rain. I hope you don’t mind I have used your foggy mountain picture for desktop for a few days love carrie

  2. Hike ON, Dude-ETTE (aka “Pre-Tree” …) “Twisted Twigs” is enjoying following you …

  3. Chuck McCoy

    Great job, clearly you are a thru hiker of the highest order. I am thrilled to follow you on your adventure.

  4. James workkman

    Love the pics hike on girl , If i’n not mistaken i think i prepared your hotdog at the trail majic!! Have a great warm sunshiny weekend!! James

  5. Acorn- Great job- met you while you were eating your birthday cupcakes- my daughter Joanna and her friends are hiking…they made it to Hiawassee yesterday also! Keep it up!

  6. Love the way you write. Just keep up your good attitude and you will make it . You are fit so know its all mind. Good Luck

  7. Loon

    You did a great job describing the love-hate relationship of the trail. It doesn’t make sense to most people and I’m not even sure it makes sense to those hiking, but it IS the reality of trail life. You hate it and you love it and at the very core of it all, YOU FEEL ALIVE! Onward and Upward.

  8. Kent

    I don’t know if people realize till they do it. The weather in the Mountains changes and fluctuates so much this time of year. You have to be prepared for everything. Georgia is a bear straight up and down it seems. Smokies are better and your close. Say hello to Pop at Charles Bunion. My Dad loved it there! Just say hey Pop for me please , he will know. You have been hiking consecutive enough the calves get rock hard! It feel good. The mental aspect will be the biggest challenge for you I thing. You are doing excellent! Stick with it and thanks for posting from those of us that want to be on the trail and are working! I feel the call of the mountains, just unable to answer now! The weather will get better.

  9. I am so excited for you to thru hike and enjoy all of the wonderful sites on the trail. Keep up the great blog. Will be sending some trail magic your way.

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