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The Secret to Mouse-Free Shelters

Several of my hiking friends are bringing their dogs on their Appalachian Trail thru-hikes. Dogs are allowed everywhere on the trail except for sections in Baxter State Park, Bear Mountain State Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I am *so jealous* and wish that my cat would reconsider hiking with me.


I don’t think this is going to work…

Remarkably, there are a few folks who have hiked large sections of the trail with cats.   I am not the only crazy one!  But, unless you have a really smart cat, there are too many risks.  Between us, my cat is a sissy.  She is afraid of spiders and flies that manage to get into our high-rise apartment.  She is not a trail cat at all and would hide from a mouse.  Doodle is staying here, in Chicago.

Don’t be surprised if you see me chasing stray trail cats with catnip yelling:  “Come back! Wanna hike to Maine?”

Here is a story about a far more adventurous cat:

Sir, The AT Cat


“When 23-year-old former Marine “Magic Mix” began hiking the trail in Georgia, the only thing on his mind was to complete hiking the entire trail. But after a few days by himself, he got lonely, so he got off the trail and went on Craigslist, where he found a silky black kitten he named Sir.  He stayed in town an extra day to get Sir checked out by a veterinarian.

By the time Sir and Magic Mix reached the end of the trail in New Hampshire, they had developed a strong bond. Sir spent most of his time sitting on his backpack cushion; when he wanted to get down, he nudged Magic Mix with his nose or a paw. They carried some dry food for Sir, but mostly he caught his own — mice and beetles at campsites.”

Read Magic Mix and Sir’s full story here: http://greatkids.outdoors.org/2011/09/sir-at-cat.html

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