Backcountry Martha Stewart

The idea of freshly baked muffins and cornbread on the trail makes my head dizzy from excitement.  Warm, moist, fluffy blueberry muffins in the evening after a long hike??  Bliss!  I turned to my trusty companion, Google, and quickly found Youtube videos showing hikers baking muffins with alcohol stoves.  A-Hah!  It COULD be done!  I knew I had to try it!

I wiped the drool from my chin and gathered my supplies.
Backcountry Baking Attempt #1: Failure
[water in pot + small plastic cup containing cornbread mix/water]
Sooo… needless to say, the plastic cup melted and chaos soon followed
Not so easily deterred, I tried again:
Backcountry Baking Attempt #2: Success?
[water in pot+ ziplock bag containing cornbread mix/water]
It was delicious cornbread,  but not worth 30 minutes of cooking time and 3 oz of fuel.  If I still have energy at the end of the day to bake muffins, then I didn’t hike enough miles.  I’m going to try a few other experiments…. but I’m afraid there will be no baking for me on the trail.     *single tear*
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6 thoughts on “Backcountry Martha Stewart

  1. Loon

    That was my biggest concern too…too much fuel & time. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with prebaked and preheated except for in town freshness.

  2. kristalb

    Don’t give up! Maybe you can somehow make a campfire heat up your water for 30 minutes? I LOVE bread and the thought of eating it on trail is enough to make me giddy. 🙂 I love your photog process above. Great job, Acorn!

  3. bill 'burrito'

    hey acorn,
    i’ve been enjoying your blog, especially the comment about the lottery, i have always said the same thing,
    i decided to not wait for the millions and pursue my dream anyway.
    my dog salsa and i will be starting nobo march 15 or so.
    have you ever read the alchemist, there are some great parralels there with what you are about to do
    i wish you every success
    burrito aka ‘bill’

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